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Your Most Valuable, Influential Customers

AlphaRank revolutionizes customer value for companies of all sizes. Join our growing list of clients who are accelerating sales and capturing market share by identifying, engaging and maximizing their most valuable, influential customers.


If you are ready to grow smarter with cutting edge analytics, AlphaRank is here to help. Using simple transaction data, we accurately rank your customers by the purchase influence they have on others. Simply put, we help you identify customers you can't afford to lose.

Beyond Consumer Profiling

Today's customer analytics are ripe for disruption. Until now, there has been no reliable way for you to pinpoint how a consumer's purchase, behavior or social sentiment will impact future purchases of other shoppers.

Our innovative approach to consumer profiling provides you a new dimension of segmentation showing how customers are connected and who is the most influential. Let us help you get ahead of the competitive curve and implement intelligence influencer marketing starting today.

Pioneering Customer Influence Detection

How do we identify your high-value influencers? Our behavioral commerce platform utilizes sophisticated machine learning, network diffusion algorithms and social contagion tracking to map word of mouth networks, reveal hidden consumer connections and the purchase influence between those connections.

Simply put, we use basic transaction data - without any personally identifiable information or social network information - to identify and rank your customers by the purchase influence they have on others. You use these immediate and actionable results to accelerate sales and capture market share.


You spend a lot of money on customer acquisition and customer retention, but are you investing your money and energy in the right customers? With easy integration, our plug and play technology ensures you engage your most valuable customers - ones who not only make purchases themselves, but also influence others to make purchases - to receive the highest ROI from your acquisition and retention efforts.

Lower Acquisition and Retention Costs

Acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers is hard. Engage the right individuals and those tasks becomes easier, less costly and more rewarding.

AlphaRank reduces the human uncertainty found in most marketing, sales and customer retention initiatives. Insert our machine learning into your business data stream, and the output will allow you to selectively and preferentially engage your most valuable customers with confidence.

Retain Key Customers

Your customer retention costs for providing preferential treatment - forgiving a late fee, offering an incentive, providing extra time for a payment - are nominal when you target and engage high-value influencers. More importantly, the reward of retaining that customer and that individual's downstream purchase influence is potentially more significant.

AlphaRank helps your customer service and customer retention departments understand which key individuals should receive high-priority and preferential treatment to retain their business and preserve their downstream value. With our help, you'll know the customers you can't afford to lose.


Customer analytics data must offer solutions which augment opportunities to grow your bottom line. AlphaRank delivers immediate and actionable results to maximize your ROI by focusing your retention, marketing and sales initiatives on influencers who offer the highest nLTV, lower your CAC and deliver the highest amount of downstream revenue cascades.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Not all consumers are equal. Advances in technology and instant connectivity help some consumers have far greater influence than others with very real, potential impacts to your bottom line. Often, these hidden, influential "average Jane" customers may not spend much but are proven to influence others' purchases.

AlphaRank uncovers these hidden opportunities in your transactional data and shows you who your most valuable customers are based on how much influence each customer is mathematically shown to have on other customer's purchases. Maximizing your marketing and sales ROI: These hidden opportunities are easily overlooked without the help of AlphaRank.

New Dimensions of Marketing

How valuable would a ranked list of your customers - based on their likelihood of driving other business - be to your business? Can you envision the range of possible applications and outcomes this data would offer?

AlphaRank opens the door to new dimensions of marketing. Whether you decide to preferentially engage your high-value influencers or even to focus exclusively on your most valuable customers, the possibilities for how you can use AlphaRank to accelerate sales and improve market share are almost endless. Contact us today to learn exactly how you can see success and grow smarter with AlphaRank.

Are you ready to disrupt customer analytics & discover a new dimension of marketing?

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